I had an amazing Aromatherapy with Reiki combi yesterday. The therapist is a holistic aromatherapist. The combination of Aromatherapy with Reiki is pure bliss. Lets be honest there is something magical about fragrance & when adding Reiki to aromatherapy massage it empowers the effect of the massage. I went to a different planet. The warmth, peace, calm and relaxation…. I can’t wait to have this experience again!!….5 stars.


“Sports Massage”

I’ve been competing at the top level in wakeboarding for many years now. There is no doubt that sports and remedial massage has contributed to my success in terms of allowing me to compete at my utmost as well as aiding recovery from injury.

D.O’C Irish & European champion wakeboarder

“Lomi Lomi Massage”

I have been lucky to experience a Lomi Lomi Massage, a massage like no other. I have also had an Access Bars session and it is something you should really try for yourself at least once. Both therapies release far more than you could imagine. Deep relaxation of the body and mind, easing muscles and stiff joints. Great Experience.


“Ear candling”

As someone who suffers from ear infections from time to time, I opted to go for an ear candling treatment as opposed to the usual doctor’s visit, where I was prescribed ear drops that I would use for a week prior to another doctor’s appointment for ear syringing. The ear candling was a quick 40 minute treatment. I felt totally at ease and even found the treatment really relaxing as the therapist did a head massage and pressure points on the face after the ear candling, which I noticed helped massively with my sinuses. I found the treatment a success overall and would highly recommend it.



I have been having a lot of trouble with my weight and overall health recently. I started going to the gym in the hope of losing weight and feeling better, but it got to the point where I wasn’t seeing results. I was recommended to visit a nutritionist in Midleton Holistic Health Centre, the result is I lost a stone in one month and I am consistently losing weight each week. I found the therapist easy to talk to, she makes it so easy to understand and how simple it is to choose healthy options to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therapists dedication is top class.

Happy Client 2019

“Craniosacral Therapy”

I have been suffering from vertigo on and off. I have experiences & enjoyed lots of different therapies, but I have found craniosacral therapy very gentle, noninvasive and very effective. Going forward I plan on having a combination of massage and craniosacral approx. every 5/6 weeks to keep on top of my situation and as a treat to myself. I have also received great results with family bereavement through craniosacral therapy and I would highly recommend this therapy. A big thank you to the excellent caring therapist in the centre.

Happy Client 2020

“Positive Psychology & Relaxation”

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Therapists class totally transformed my life 20 years ago enabling me to reconnect with my core self, take control of my thoughts, learn how to be in the moment and the importance of our 5 senses. Therapist uses clear, concise, effective steps in a safe secure, happy, nurturing environment. Therapists class is authentic, positive, fun, real and life changing. I highly recommend this class.


“Therapist review”

It’s a privilege to work as part of the team at Midleton Holistic Health Centre. I feel appreciated and supported in my work as a therapist, I value the centre for the caring, holistic service it provides for the community.

Happy Client


Hello, I am so delighted my son is feeling great after histamine allergy treatment using Bioresonance. I recommended you already to my friends. Thank you.


“Access Bars”

Access Bars and Massage is a true delight and an experience to be had. Great results with deep relaxation and improved sleep. Thank You.


Jesus says, Every thing is possible to those who Believe

The mind is everything, What you think, you become. Buddha.